A. Iced Chai’s are amazing. I’m so glad I discovered them at Shades of Brown yesterday.

B. My brother gets back from the Bahamas in 4 days (as of tomorrow) (I haven’t seen him in over a month) and I get to jump on him and surprise tackle-hug him…hopefully. He doesn’t actually know I’m on campus, which makes it all the more exciting. Not to mention it’s going to be the most epic “Welcome-back-to-America-I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever” jump/tackle/hug. But yeah, I’m SO excited for this. :)

C. I might get to see my friend Jessie this week and my former roomie Melissa for lunch. That would be wonderful.

D. ORUians who went on missions get back at random times all this week and next week. This is basically equivalent to happiness on campus. :)

E. I’m going to the Springs for Desperation and to see two of my favorite people in 21 days. <3

F. I just found out, I’m going to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont after my fourth summer session. WHAT?! :D

G. I got an email back from The Oracle, our campus newspaper, about an interview once I get my recommendation from an ORU faculty member in. Cross your fingers, please! :)

Mkay, I’m done now…just had to get that out. :)